Tuesday, June 28, 2011

La Bigarrade

Excellent lunch at La Bigarrade, a great 2 michelin star restaurant in the 17th arr of Paris.

bread and olive oil

Deep fried soft-shell crab

mussels and japanese mustard


clam and bacon oil

quail egg and seaweed

calamari, pressed caviar, peas

mackerel, green tomato, dried tuna and fresh almonds

turbot, coriander flower, peanuts and onion

anchovy crusted lamb

goat cheese 3 ways

melon shaved ice, lemon cream, red fruit, apricot 

ice cream and peach

chocolate cake

106 Rue Nollet, 75017 Paris. Tel: 01 42 26 01 02

Food we made at Ferrandi

A selection of dishes that we made during the last 3 months of school ...