Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yet another great restaurant experience in Paris. This time, the very hyped Chateaubriand. This was our menu de jour:
We got 4 amuse bouche, lots of bread refills and these cheese puffs:

Amuse bouche 1: mackerel ceviche. (This was the best amuse bouche)
Amuse bouche 2: barely cooked rouget fish with olive purée
Amuse bouche 3: bacon-infused milk, rhubarb, asparagus
Amuse bouche 4: chicken soup, raspberry
Entrée: Bonito, cucumber and seaweed. This dish was excellent. There were cubes of celery, raw fava beans and lots of fresh greens
Fish: Cod pil-pil, potatoes, herb salad. Fish was barely cooked (just how I like it), but still had a nice crispy skin. The herb salad totally elevated the dish.
Meat: Wagyu beef, eggplant purée, artichoke chips. The very black smoky eggplant purée was the most surprising element of the whole meal. I could eat a bowl of it!
Dessert 1: strawberry, green peas
Dessert 2: Sabayon, cherry, olive and tamarind chips!
 When we left there was a crowd of people waiting and hoping to be seated ...

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  1. Wow!!! I wish I had eaten more Parisian food!!! That looks incredible!!!